Detective Comics 30 is out this April, I hope you’re all as excited as I am! Here’s a peak at my process work for issue 30’s cover.

As usual it starts out with a couple of layouts. Once they give me the go ahead I do digital roughs of the art work before printing it out for inking. Even though I was mostly using silhouettes I still drew out the figures so that I can be accurate with their shapes.

The inking process is still traditional, using pens, brushes, and watercolor for the artwork. After scanning the art, and doing a few tweaks, I color the artwork in Photoshop. In this scenario I created two versions of the cover, a full color and a muted one (the second version is for a digital combo pack of the book). Added a little bit of splatter to the muted one to add some movement to the piece, and voila.

See you all in April!